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Like it only took me 8 years to get organized. Don’t judge me. Don’t you dare judge me. Just clap in circle because I finally got it. This summer, during one of my many unnecessary but necessary trips to Target, I found this file box. I knew that I needed a way to keep my graded papers organized and this was the perfect fit.


Meet bae. We’ll call it file box bae. Why? Because I keep this little gem in my classroom and place papers in that need to be graded. No more messy teacher bag stuffed to the MAX with papers. Yes, I have done that since I started teaching.


Fridays are typically test day. So, on test day, my kids take their tests and when they hand them in they go in the hanging file folders. Each subject area corresponds with a different color (red is for Reading, blue is for Math). I carry bae home with me on Fridays, grade papers over the weekend, and then bring bae back to school. All of my papers are neat and in order for me to pass out on Tuesdays, which is they day I hand back graded papers.


And all the children clap in unison because their teacher is so organized.


Some other ways to use this could be to have a hanging file folder for each student, and let them place their papers in after they finish testing. You grade them and place them back in their folder. Then they can come and grab their papers out. This would totally work for older kiddos.

Hope this was a nice tip for you! Share in the comments below how you keep your graded papers organized.

Would it surprise you that I never used a nice, formal class newsletter until last year? Yes, I’m crying on the inside. Before, I just sent a homework sheet home and left a few notes about upcoming dates at the bottom. Nothing fancy…or very informative. Yikes, y’all. But you live and you learn, right? When I transferred to my new school and district, we were required to send a newsletter each week. So I scrambled and came up with this newsletter and used it last year. While I love the design, I just figured I would create a new one for this school year.
I love that this newsletter is not as busy as the other and uses the oh-so-cute Melonheadz kids on it. I use the front of the newsletter for things going on in the classroom. I also put upcoming events happening in our school and classroom.
I use the back to inform parents about the week’s skills and homework. This is a REALLY important part of my newsletter. My homework is pretty much the same each day of the week, so I am able to print it ahead of time. If your homework differs each day, you could print a new one each day and include the homework. Whatever floats your boat.
If you’re in search of a newsletter to keep your parents informed, check out this editable class newsletter in my TpT store.
YT Thumnail
As I peruse Instagram, one of my favorite hobbies, I see many teachers who are just starting their summers while others, like me, or getting ready to head back in. I am been breaking my back and getting hot glue burns on my body in preparation for the new school year.
I know that there is a crop of new teachers out there that need my expertise advice! I have 5 tips for your first day.
First things first…I’m the realest.
Just kidding. I don’t care for Iggy, but I like that verse.
Ahem, anyway.
Tip #1: Have everything ready to go
Tip #2: Have a first day script with everything you’re going to say and do.
Tip #3: Have your behavior system in place and ready to go
Tip 5: Have fun with your kiddos.
I created a YouTube video and explained these tips. You can watch it HERE on my channel. The tips above may or may not be in the same order as the video. I could go back and check, but I’m doing some lazy Saturday blogging. You know how it goes…sorry not sorry.
Oh yeah, have you gotten your teacher extraordinaire shirt yet?

I am taking a big step this year. Drumroll please. I am getting rid of my teacher desk! (GASP) Why on earth would I do that? Well, let me be honest. My desk was simply a place for me to put junk on top of and in. It was a scary site to behold. By getting rid of my teacher desk, I have added so much more room in my classroom. So, now that my desk was gone, I needed a place to put my stuff…essential teacher stuff, but stuff nonetheless. Enter the teacher toolbox, folks.


I’m sure you’ve seen this bad boy all around the internets. I actually saw it for the first time last summer and put it on my to-do list. But you know how that goes….So this year I was determined to make one. It is super simple and not too expsensive. Here are the steps to make your own teacher toolbox.


Well, duh, first you have to purchase the actual toolbox. I got mine from Lowe’s for about $16 dollars. The one I bought comes in blue, but that didn’t go along with my bright colors theme for this year, so I also bought some Valspar spray paint to complete the look.


Now that you have your materials, take out all 22 of the drawers. You don’t want to get spray paint on those!


Get yourself to a well ventilated area and go crazy, but not too crazy with the spray paint. I went outside to spray paint mine.


Now look, I didn’t go to school for professional spray painting and it is very obvious! I did a good job on some parts but not so good on other parts. Whatever! Once your toolbox is spray painted, give it ample time to DRY! How about I messed this one up too…


After it’s dry, you need to get some labels to make it all pretty. I have saved you tons of searching and created some. You can grab them from my TpT store HERE.


Once you have printed and perhaps even laminated your labels, you can attach them to the front of your drawers. I created the labels to be attached to the outside of the drawers but technically I guess you could attach them on the inside. I attached them by simply using tape.




The last step is to add all of your supplies and you’ve got a nice toolbox for your classroom that will help you stay organized. All of your teacher friends will be amazed.


Happy New Year to you. There’s so much I want to say in this post but I will spare you a long blog post.

2015 was a tough year for me…personally, professionally, financially..all of that. I don’t share much of my personal life on my blog. Why? I’m not sure. What affects my personal life affects everything else that I do. 2015 was the year that I struggled to deal with the loss of my mother. Like, it messed me up big time y’all. I am lucky that my husband stayed with me because I was a mess! A BIG FAT MESS! He helped me get through this year with some extremely tough love.

With the sadness of my mom’s loss, I had the happiness of finding out that I was expecting another child. We found out in July 2015, and it really helped to raise my spirits.

Professionally, I started a new school…in a new district…in a new city. My new environment is cool, but I really miss home and I really miss my old school. My new school is very different than the schools that I have taught in before. It’s taking me a while to adjust.

That brings me to this here blog…abandonment doesn’t even begin to describe it. I have not blogged like I should by any means. I let me beloved You Oughta Know Blog Hop fall by the wayside, and I don’t know when the last newsletter was sent out.

I’m sorry guys!


I’m back…(insert your smile here)

My goal for 2016 is to just get back to doing what I do best. Blogging, sharing what I do in my classroom, hosting blog hops and linkys, meeting new teacher bloggers, and more! I want to re-vamp my blog to include more personal things like things I do with my family and all of the Pinterest recipes that I try out (the good, bad, and ugly). I want to get back to making funny videos (check my IG or Vine if you haven’t seen them).

I just wanna have fun again.

I hope you will keep reading.

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