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You still have time enter my awesome anniversary giveaway. Thanks to everyone who has entered so far. I’ve been able to discover new blogs and followers through this giveaway, so I am very appreciative. Tomorrow will be the very last day! Click on the graphic below to enter!


It’s been raining non-stop where I live, so between the thunderstorms and cable going out (lol!) I had nothing better to do than create a new product of course. It’s another edition of my common core double trouble packs.


This common core double trouble pack focuses on short and long vowels. And in true MrsMc fashion, the first two people to comment on this post will get it for free! If you don’t comment in time, don’t worry. You can check out this pack and the others at my stores here and here.

Happy Sunday, God bless!



  1. It looks great!

  2. Super cute! Love these.


  3. Okay Mrs. Mc I'm following you back!

  4. I'm giving you the One Lovely Blog award! Stop by my blog to pick it up :)
    Reflections at Recess

  5. Hi,
    I found your blog through Sara at Miss V's Busy Bees. Love your long and short vowel pack. Come on by my blog for a visit.
    Ms. Jones’ Junction


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