Day 3: Unlock the Prize Giveaway (UNLOCKED)


Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s time for Day 3 of my Unlock the Prize Anniversary Giveaway. This is a giveaway where everyone wins if enough entries have been received. The first two days were so successful and fun, and I’m sure that today will be no different. Today, we will try to unlock the Day 3 Prize Pack. By doing the various options in the Rafflecopter app below, you will help us reach the target number of entries.
Today, we need 400 entries by 5 P.M. Central Standard Time. How can this be done? Well, you have to enter and you have to spread the word to all of your friends so that they can enter too!

Here are a few rules about the giveaway:
1. When you enter, please make sure that you are using a working email. You cannot use multiple email addresses for your entries. If this happens, none of your entries will count and they will be removed from the Rafflecopter app.
2. Please do what you say you will do. If it asks you to follow someone, please do it! Entries will be verified. If you failed to do one of the entries yet said that you did, you will not receive the prize pack. I hate to do it that way, but I think that it is the only fair way to go about it.
3. The first entry MUST be done which is to leave a comment on today’s topic. When you comment, be sure to list your 3 things and leave the email that you used for Rafflecopter (for verifying purposes).

If the Day 3 Prize Pack is unlocked, I will send a message to the email that you used in the Rafflecopter app. The email will provide you with a link to download the prize pack. The pack will be available until midnight tonight, Central Standard Time.

Please note that the Rafflecopter will end and will be removed once the number of needed entries have been reached. Make sure that you’ve entered your email before time runs out, or you will not receive the prize pack.

Now for today’s prizes…
Here are the wonderful people and products from the Day 3 Prize pack.
Meet 1st Grade Fireworks from California! They blog at 1st Grade Fireworks. If today’s items are unlocked, you will receive her Place Value Pee Wee’s Unit. Visit her {Blog}{TPT}{Facebook}{Pinterest}{Instagram}{Bloglovin’}
Meet Amy! She is elementary teacher from New Jersey and she blogs at Eclectic Educating. If today’s items are unlocked, you will receiver her If You Give a Moose a Muffin Matching Activity.Visit her {Blog}{TPT}{Facebook}{Pinterest}{Twitter}
Meet Mr. Matt! He is a special education teacher from Illinois and he blogs at Digital: Divide & Conquer. If today’s items are unlocked, you will receive his Baseball Word Work. Visit him {Blog}{TPT}
Meet Shari Beck! She is a college mathematics professor from Texas who has previous experience teaching high school. She blogs at Teaching to Make A Difference. If today’s items are unlocked, you will receive her Back To School Get To Know Me Memory Book. Visit her {Blog}{TPT}{{Pinterest}
And I am giving away my Compound Words Activity Pack today if the prize pack is unlocked! If you haven’t followed me yet, I invite you to! Check out my buttons at the top of my page.
Another fun thing I’d like to do each day is have a topic for you to leave a comment about. Leaving a comment on today’s post about the topic also gives you your first entry. Today’s topic is:

Three things I have on my wish list:
1. A Mac computer (I want to make the switch lol)
2. A new camera
3.An iPad

You can list the items on your wish list in your classroom or just things in general like I did.

Before, I leave I must ask…have you entered the Mega Prize Pack yet (here)? I am giving away a $15 Victoria’s Secret gift card, Fern Smith is giving away a $20 gift certificate to her store, Madeline Fuhriman is hand painting a custom initial piece, and Erin Windbigler is hand making a fabric lanyard or ID Badge. You can’t beat that! Additionally, visit Erin Windbigler’s store because she is giving 15% off any order exclusively for my readers using the coupon code BUZZ15.

See you tomorrow for the final day, Day 4. I hope we reach 400 entries today!


  1. I would an iPad, Enough pencils for the year, and a pencil sharpener that actually sharpens :)


  2. The three things on my wishlist are...
    1. iPad
    2. Plastic folders - the paper ones get so beat up!
    3. Bookcase to hold my kiddos' book boxes
    Teaching in the Valley

  3. 1. An iPad 2. More books (I am new to my grade) 3. A personal laptop

  4. On my wishlist: 1. class set of iPads 2. a better schedule (a girl can dream, right?) and 3. a smartboard

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  5. Hmmm
    1- Personal Ipad
    2- Personal laptop
    3- Learn how to make printables

  6. 3 wishes for my fairy Godmother :)
    1. My house
    2. I-Pad
    3. Vacation

  7. 1. A smart board
    2. Books...I'm new to 3rd grade
    3. A new iPad

  8. 1. backpack hooks or lockers in the hallway
    2. someone to organize my new room for me (daunting task)
    3. more bulletin boards (one in hall would be nice)

    scrapmoose at gmail dotcom

  9. 1. a smartboard for my classroom 2. a new personal laptop 3. learn how to blog and make better printables

  10. 1. A teacher planner from Erin Condren
    2. 3 or 5 drawer tubs to organize my room
    3. 3-4 cd players to make my listening station portable.
    Kinders on the Block

  11. 1. 6 ipads for classroom
    2. money for apps for the ipads in the classroom
    3. I would love to have everything on my TPT wishlist!

  12. 3 things on my wishlist
    teacher planner
    Smart board


  13. I would love more iPads (I only have 1)
    iPods for my listening center
    A Smartboard

  14. I left a comment, but appreciate your reminder. I had to think about it a little bit before I left it, but I did plan to leave one. My regular e-mail is
    I do have to sign in to this at, but that's not where I get my mail. I hope I have this straightened out. Thanks again.

  15. Now, it deleted my original e-mail.
    3 wishes
    1. My House
    2 Vacation
    3. I-Pad Thanks

  16. Three things on my wishlist an IPad, a car and comfortable shoes. Thanks for doing this.

  17. Book display for preschoolers, iPad mini, rolling cart.

  18. 1. A Karoake Machine
    2. New Bedroom Furniture
    3. My house cleaned!

  19. My wishlist:
    1. a new camera
    2. shelves for the kitchen and den
    3. new mattress!

  20. 1. new camera
    2. iPad
    3. interactive whiteboard

    epolston at rowland dot k12 dot ca dot us

  21. 1 a job that will keep my husband home!
    2 money for ipad apps
    3. time in my classroom uninterrupted!

    tmgjmb at

    1. I hope that I used the same email for all...I am worried about the bloglovin likes...

  22. A schedule for next year, texts for the grade levels I'm working with, computer.

  23. 1. an SUV
    2. an ipad
    3. an unlimited supply of burrito bowls from Chipotle :)

    1. My email address is

  24. I would love a class set of exercise balls to replace our chairs, a class set of ipads to work with my Activboard, and a $500.00 gift certificate to TpT :)


  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. 1.everything on my TPT wish list
    2. a book room filled with guided reading books by level
    3. more space in my classroom

  27. 1. Bookshelves
    2. TPT gift certificate
    3. Lots of containers for my classroom stuff

  28. 1. Mac laptop
    2. Larger kid tables in my classroom
    3. Set of IPads for my class
    Teaching with Giggles

  29. My wish list: a laptop, tablets for all my students, and shelves/storage units.


  30. My wish list:
    1. Ipads for class
    2. more books for my library
    3. classroom rug

  31. My wish list:
    1. ipads
    2. more student computers
    3. A bigger classroom

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Wish list:
    1. Class set of iPads
    2. Promethean board
    3. Resource room

  34. My wish list:
    1. class set of Ipads
    2. An apple TV to use with the I-pads
    3. A longer summer-I'm not ready to go back yet.
    Sarah Mackey

    Mackey's Classroom

  35. My Wish List-
    1. Cork board to cover all of the old chalk boards
    2. A laptop for the classroom
    3. A document camera!

    Katie Nussbaum

  36. My wishlist is

    1. Hardwood flooring
    2. New laptop
    3. Professional organizer

  37. My wish list:

    Christina Marie

  38. My wishlist:
    1.Classroom rug
    2. Ipad
    3. a document camera

  39. On my wish list:
    1. Exercise balls for chairs
    2. 6 mini iPads for the kids to use
    3. More colored drawers and tubs to organize my stuff


  40. 1.) Baby #2
    2.) New Furniture
    3.) New Camera

  41. 1. Containers to organize about 2000 books
    2. Document camera/projector
    3. a laptop

  42. 3 things on my wishlist:
    1. an Ipad
    2. bean bag chairs for my classroom
    3. stability balls for my wiggly students

  43. 3 things on my wish list...
    document camera
    new bulletin boards


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