Pin Up Thursdays (June 19)

I use Pin Up Thursdays to share four interesting educational finds from Pinterest. What is so interesting about a pencil challenge, compliments, Instagram, and ear bud headphones? View my finds from the week to see…
This is the best idea ever!! The Great Pencil Challenge (managing pencils!) I will be doing this next year!!
I’m a teacher and I’m sensitive about my pencils! My kids last year lost their pencil all the time, and it drove me nuts. I am going to try the Great Pencil Challenge this year and hopefully the lives of pencils will be saved. Has anyone done this and found success?

Compliment Jar
I am truly kicking myself for not having this during the last school year. In previous years, I would have a word that they would have to spell, like “First Grade”. For each compliment they received from another teacher, I would add a letter. After we spelled the word, we would have a class party. I like this simple idea for keeping up with compliments. What do you use in your classroom to track class compliments?

I am so blessed to have received some iPads for my classroom. I don’t have enough for an entire classroom but we do have a nice number. That being said, I am adding ear bud headphones to my school supply list for the upcoming school year. If I can’t even keep them untangled, I know my firsties will not either. This is a great idea to keep the ear buds neat and tangle-free.


Instagram bulletin board
You know that times have changed when your elementary students have their own Instagram accounts and want to follow you. Instead (insert laugh here), I would prefer to let them take pictures with our iPads of things they are creating and doing in the classroom. I would love to set up a bulletin board in my classroom like this to display those pictures. What kinds of technology-themed bulletin board ideas do you have or plan to have in your classroom?

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