Linking Up: July Currently

Today I’m linking up with Farley for the July currently. Here’s what’s currently happening with me…

Listening: I usually don’t get to watch my shows in the evening during the week because I am forced to watch cartoons with my baby boy. So, during the day, I get to catch up! I watch way too many reality tv shows.

Loving: SUMMER! Teachers love summers!

Thinking: I spent all weekend washing clothes but they have mysteriously formed piles around the house…hmm…

Wanting: I’d love to go somewhere her in Louisiana or Texas!

Needing: I’m almost finished with my first technology video tutorial for the blog. The first one will be posted this month.

4th plans: I’ll be visiting my in-laws across the state for the Fourth of July.


The next You Oughta Know Blog Hop is coming up. Here’s my post from last month’s link up to give you an idea about what the blog hop is all about. If you’d like to participate in next month’s blog hop, sign up here.


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  1. Hi Jasmine,
    I found you on the linky! I, too, am loving my summer vacation! I'm just wishing that it would slow down a little.

    Teaching Fourth

    1. Thanks for visiting Kelly! I want it to slow down too. For some reason, I was amazed that today was the beginning of July lol

  2. Hello,
    Hmmm...I'm curious. What's a tech video? How does it work?
    Also, what font is that in your Title (the part that says currently and looks like it is colored)?
    And I'm interested in the blog hop...going to look at it right now.


    1. Hey ReddishAnn! I'l just be doing a "how to" tutorial on how to do something with technology. The font that I used is sketch block. And yes, please sign up for the blog hop!

  3. Hi! i'm up to my neck in laundry always it seems! Enjoy your 4th with your inlaws as well! ;)

    1. I'm glad that I'm not the only one!!

  4. I also want to go on vacation. I'm just sure about traveling with my little baby yet. Maybe i'll be brave enough by fall break!

    1. I totally understand! I was very wary of traveling when my son was a baby too.


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