You Oughta Know About Bookmarks That Engage

As teachers, especially elementary teachers, we want our students to enjoy reading. We choose rich, engaging texts to read aloud to them. Eventually, we allow them to choose their own texts to read. Do they know how to choose the right kinds of books?As they move into independent reading, comprehension becomes a major focus.  But, what tools do they have that they can use to check their own understanding?  I think you oughta know about bookmarks that engage.
Something as simple as a bookmark can serve as a great tool for students as they move into independent reading. The above bookmark is what my students use when doing Read to Self (independent reading) and Read to Someone (partner reading). Even if you do not utilize the Daily 5, the principles suggested by the program are great for readers. The bookmark guides students when they are choosing books: I select a book and look it over. Does it interest me? It also reminds students that there are many ways to read a book. This bookmark is engaging and it guides students. Sometimes we as teachers are not always able to assist students in choosing books, so this visual reminder is a great tool.
The wonderful Brown Bag Teacher created these bookmarks and I tweaked them a bit. You can grab the bookmarks the Brown Bag Teacher created for free here, and you can grab the PowerPoint file that I created here. The Brown Bag Teacher has created content on the back of her bookmarks, but again, I chose to change it up a bit. What you above is two bookmarks.
Each child’s bookmark is printed front and back. One side has their name, and the other has the content. Download the Brown Bag Teacher’s PowerPoint file and then download my PowerPoint file. Place the name side first and then then words. Then select “print on both sides.”
This is another Daily 5 inspired bookmark, and my kids love using this bookmark. It is in the shape of a checkmark to remind them to check for understanding. I encourage my students to use these bookmarks during Read to Self, but especially for Read to Someone. Students can answer these questions after they have read a story to check their understanding. Yes, AR does this too, but I want my students to really take time to reflect on the text that they just read. These bookmarks can be found here.
I hope that your students can use these bookmarks to guide them through independent reading!


  1. Thank you for sharing the bookmarks Jasmine, I will be making them this weekend for my students to use during Daily 5!

    1. Glad that you like them and thanks for stopping by :-)

  2. I love the bookmark idea! I think I will be adding that to my AR routine next Marking Period and talk to my students about making better choices when getting a book. Also, the checkmark bookmark is awesome! DEF using that for buddy reading and partner read.

    A LoveLi Class

    1. Thanks so much! My kids love them. It's so cute to watch them ask each other questions after reading a book :-)

  3. Love this blog hop! Thanks so much for hosting it!
    I love bookmarks that engage, even with our youngest learners - it makes it so meaningful to them. Thanks for sharing!

  4. LOVE these bookmarks, so perfect for Daily 5 classrooms!


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