A Very Techy Weekend

Every year, my school district’s technology department holds a technology conference called TNT. The whole focus of TNT is to show teachers and administrators how technology can be integrated into the classroom. It is such a cool idea because teachers around the district actually sign up to present. That means it’s not boring because they know what other teachers want to learn about. I took a few snapshots during my very techy weekend to give you a glimpse of the things that I saw and learned…
At TNT, you choose which sessions you would like to attend. Well, my good friend and fellow blogger Misty (you can see her peeking through in the pic) from Krazy About Teaching presented early in the morning, so that was my first stop. She shared so many great free and paid apps, many of which I had never heard of. In the pic, she was sharing Apps Gone Free. Seriously, you have got to get this app! It let’s you know when apps that are normally paid apps become free for a day or a specific period of time. Head over to her blog to get the PowerPoint from her actual presentation.
In another session, I learned how to use a Cricut and a Cameo Silhouette. I really loved this session because I have a Cricut and I have not used it since I got it…I know, I know! I think I opened the box one day, saw all the pieces, and put it right back in. But this session made me realize that it isn’t so hard after all. I got tons of ideas for gifts, perfect for the upcoming Christmas season lol!
This session was presented by two middle school math teachers, but they demonstrated a few apps and websites that I could definitely apply to my first graders. My favorite thing from this session was learning about Nearpod. Never heard of it? Go there now, explore it, then sign up. If you have iPads in your classroom, you can use Nearpod to create mobile digital lessons. You can add polls and quizzes that your students answer in real-time. There’s so many cool things to do with Nearpod. (Shameless Plug: If you decide to sign up, please use promo code XZWDJL to help me earn a gold account)
In this session, the teacher explained how she created digital interactive notebooks with her students.
Another part of TNT was the vendors. Various companies came to TNT to display their products. I floated over to the Ladibug document camera vendor and told them how much I’ve been begging for one from my principal…lol…I told them like three times…
I think that the coolest thing that I saw at vendor table was this 3-D printer…umm, can you say AMAZING?!
I had a great time at TNT and I’m planning to present next year. This year was my second year to attend, and I’ve learned so much. Here are a few websites and apps that I collected during TNT that you might be interested in.
Apps: Apps Gone Free, Skitch, Tiny Tap, Shadow Puppet Edu, Draw Wireless, Word Cloud, Write About This, Feltboard, Reflector, Transformations, Ten Marks
Websites: classtools.net/QR, thinglink.com, http://tools.e2bn.org/tool_4.html, en.linoit.com


  1. It seems like I can never make it to TNT due to a conflict in my schedule! But it seems like you learn a great deal!!! I must agree with you about AppsGoneFree!! I have had this for about a year and let me tell you they really have some awesome apps that are absolutely free!!! You do have to check it everyday but it's worth it!!! You will enjoy getting all kinds of freebies!! You will need more storage!! LOL

    1. Yes, TNT is definitely worthwhile. I do hope that you'll be able to make it one year. And yes, Apps Gone Free is quite amazing. I wish that I had known about it earlier!


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