You Oughta Know About Early Finishers


It’s that time again. I’m linking up with my blogging friends, and I am sharing another classroom idea that you oughta know about. I think you oughta know about early finisher activities. What’s that you ask? Keep reading!


What do you do when you have students that always finish their work early? Do you have an early finishers board or center? I have found that having an early finishers board helps with that question, “What do I do now?”


I created by early finishers board out of a drip pan from Walmart for about 10 bucks. (Yes, it was a Pinterest idea come true!).


I created the different “apps” for each of the early finisher activities and attached them to the board.


I then created all of the worksheets and made several copies for each activity.


My students are able to choose an activity any time that they finish their work early. It has been a life-saver! Do you use something similar in your classroom? Share with me in the comments below. Also make sure to pick up your copy of these worksheets from my TPT store. Click on the picture to grab them!


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  1. I LOVE your iFinish board! The pockets to store the printables is genius. I'll have to try it out in my classroom. Thanks for sharing!

    The Learning Chambers

  2. What a cute theme for an early finisher board!! I love it :)

    Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten

    1. Thanks! Pinterest gives me so many ideas lol

  3. Replies
    1. You should! It was actually very simple to make...and I'm not the craftiest person in the world! ha!

  4. I love how you made the board out of a drip pan! Something to add to my to do list! Thanks for hosting the blog hop! Love to learn new ideas!


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