You Oughta Know About Moving Box Labels

I’m joining my blogging friends today for another You Oughta Know blog hop for the month of May. It’s the last one until August so I hope you get some great ideas! I think you oughta know about organizing during the end of the school year by using moving box labels. (keep reading)

This school year has gone by so quickly! My students’ last day was Thursday and my last day is Tuesday. With the end of the school year comes MANY changes. First, our school is moving from a PK-5 school to a PK-2 school. So all of my co-workers have been busy cleaning out their ENTIRE classrooms in order to move to their new classrooms. For myself, I will be moving to a new city in Louisiana. With all of this moving going on, I knew that I had to get organized. I really have to plan to be organized. It is not something that comes naturally! Our district has provided us with tons of boxes to put all of our things in which is great…but because I am moving everything to storage for the summer until I find a teaching position, I need to know what is in all of my boxes. Soooo…I made a super simple label to affix to all of my boxes. This works if you’re moving like me, moving down the hall, or just putting things out of the way in your current classroom.

First let me tell you that you can find these labels for free HERE! After printing, I would write your name and room number and then make copies from that. This will save you from writing your name a bunch of times!

There are checkboxes on each label where you will indicate what is in the box. You will appreciate this later, right?

If you have a lot of boxes (ahem, like me) you might want to make sure all of the are accounted for. Use the numbering system at the bottom of the letter to aid you with keeping up with how many boxes you used.

The last step is to tape the label on the box! I hope helps you (and me, lol) stay organized as you pack up your classroom for the summer.
Rejoice, we made it to summer vacation! See you in August when we pick up the You Oughta Know Blog Hop again. By the way, June makes one year of me hosting this blog hop! Thanks to everyone who has every joined me. I love gaining so many new and cool ideas each month.


  1. I love your labels! Thanks so much for hosting! Good luck on your move to Louisiana :)

  2. Don't break your head any more. It's time to use, and get a higher mark.

  3. This is SUCH a fabulous idea! Last year I loved schools and this tidbit would've been so helpful!
    I love organization. Pinning now so I won't forget for later! :)


  4. Such a cute idea!!! :) Thank you for sharing this!!

    Marine :)

    Tales from a Very Busy Teacher

  5. So creative! I will be sharing it with my friend who is moving grade levels and classrooms. Thanks for hosting this awesome link up again! =)

    A LoveLi Class

  6. Oh my goodness, you're going to have a busy summer!! Love the labels!! Good luck with your move & finding a new position. I'm sure a school will nab you quickly! Thank you for hosting this blog hop!!


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