Teacher’s Guide to Surviving Meet and Greet


Today was crazy yet fun as I met my second grade students and their parents for the first time. I am at a new school AND teaching a new grade, so I wanted to make a big impression. Take a peek at how I set up my meet and greet. (KEEP READING)


I kind of just put all of this together at the last minute. If you’ve ever taught in multiple schools, you know that schools do things differently. My mentor teacher told me to make sure that I have something for the parents to do and something for the kids to do. With that in mind, I created a few things. You won’t see any pictures of my new kiddos much anymore due to privacy laws in our state, but I will always take pictures of what’s going on in the classroom! I set my Meet and Greet up with quick step-by-step items at my back table. Once I greeted the parents and students at the door, I directed them to my table. Parents first signed in. This was helpful in remember who came and also helping me make sure my kids get home correctly tomorrow afternoon for the first day.


Step 2 asked my parents to place school supplies near the students’ desks. Some of my parents ordered supply packs through our school, so they had their school supplies delivered to my classroom. I thought that was a cool idea. I never heard of it before!


Step 3 was for my new second graders. They got a play a simple, yet fun Scoot game. I plan to do a lot of Scoot activities during the year, so this was good practice for them. They grabbed a worksheet and found 4 cards around the classroom.


Each card asked a question about themselves. I loved sitting down after Meet the Teacher to learn about my new students.


After my kiddos answered all 4 cards, they got a blow pop with a cute message taped to it from me. I think that this was their favorite part!


While my students completed their Scoot game, the parents went on to step 4. Parents at my new school were so willing to volunteer, so I’m happy to have their help! I’ll use this list to pick a room mom and also helpers who can come in to my classroom to read with students or that can make copies for the classroom. Yes, yes, AND YES!


Step 5 gave parents a chance to learn a little bit about me. I think that this is a nice touch because you get to connect with your parents and also kinda say, yes I am qualified to teach your child!


Lastly, I encouraged my parents to come speak with me. This was their chance to ask me any questions or voice their concerns. I was able to talk to  parents about getting their children tested for gifted, special needs for their students, and just fun things. Many of them were intrigued that I was from the other side of the state! Overall I had tons of fun meeting my new kids and parents. All but 2 of my kids showed up, so I had an awesome turn out. Also, it puts me at ease for tomorrow because I’m not meeting them for the first time…it’ll just be like “oh, hey again!”


Make sure to pick up all of these goodies  in my TpT store. Now I’m off to get last minute things prepped for the first day tomorrow!

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