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You Oughta Know is back and ready to showcase awesome ideas for September! What do you do to give your students and parents feedback on weekly tests? In my classroom, I utilize a simple worksheet that has helped me year after year with graded papers. (KEEP READING)

During my first year of teaching, I would grade papers and then send them home for parents to see the grades. I sent them home with the guidelines that they should be looked at by the parents and returned back to school. Well, let’s just say…FAIL! Kids would forget to bring them back, parents would rarely look at them, or a combination of both. I was so frustrated! At my first school, we were required to send home graded papers during a designated day each week but we also had to have graded papers on file in the classroom. In my head I was thinking, “how in the world am I supposed to do that when they don’t return them?” Enter the Graded Papers Sheet.


I shall not take all the credit for this idea. A colleague of mine shared what she used for graded papers and it changed my life…no seriously, it did. I used her idea and tweaked it to meet my needs, and it has been a game-changer for me. How can something so simple be so useful? Let me tell you! Typically Fridays are test days. After my students take their weekly tests, I grade them and record them in my gradebook. I use the graded papers sheet to write down all of the grades my students earned for the week. This is the only thing that is sent home initially.


There’s a place to record their conduct for the week at the top. Under that, I list the assignments and test names and the earned grades. The next section is for teacher and parent comments. I always try to write something here, even if it’s a “Good Job” or “Nice Improvement.” If I have concerns about a student or if I really need a conference, this is the place where I write a note to the parents.


The last section is used by parents to indicate if they would like their child’s actual papers sent home. If a parents places a check mark here, I send the test papers home the next day with this note stapled to it. Parents also have the chance to request a conference. The last part requires parents to sign the graded papers sheet.


So after implementing graded papers sheets, I didn’t have to worry about getting test papers back from my students but my students and parents were still aware of the grades that have been earned. Currently, only a few parents ask for the test papers to be sent home each week. Most of my parents simply sign and return the graded papers sheets. It is an organized process and I just slip the graded papers sheets in my students’ mailboxes on Thursday and they go home. Another great thing about communicating with parents about grades is that there are no surprises during report card time!!! I send these out every week and so parents and students can kind of get an idea of what the grade average is in each subject. My district offers parents the ability to check grades online too, but having this in their hand is sometimes easier than logging in online.

Click on any picture of the graded papers sheet to get your fully editable copy!

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  1. Love this! This is a wonderful idea! I like how it makes you prepare and be more intentional about what grades you will take from students. Almost a mini report card :)


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