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I am taking a big step this year. Drumroll please. I am getting rid of my teacher desk! (GASP) Why on earth would I do that? Well, let me be honest. My desk was simply a place for me to put junk on top of and in. It was a scary site to behold. By getting rid of my teacher desk, I have added so much more room in my classroom. So, now that my desk was gone, I needed a place to put my stuff…essential teacher stuff, but stuff nonetheless. Enter the teacher toolbox, folks.


I’m sure you’ve seen this bad boy all around the internets. I actually saw it for the first time last summer and put it on my to-do list. But you know how that goes….So this year I was determined to make one. It is super simple and not too expsensive. Here are the steps to make your own teacher toolbox.


Well, duh, first you have to purchase the actual toolbox. I got mine from Lowe’s for about $16 dollars. The one I bought comes in blue, but that didn’t go along with my bright colors theme for this year, so I also bought some Valspar spray paint to complete the look.


Now that you have your materials, take out all 22 of the drawers. You don’t want to get spray paint on those!


Get yourself to a well ventilated area and go crazy, but not too crazy with the spray paint. I went outside to spray paint mine.


Now look, I didn’t go to school for professional spray painting and it is very obvious! I did a good job on some parts but not so good on other parts. Whatever! Once your toolbox is spray painted, give it ample time to DRY! How about I messed this one up too…


After it’s dry, you need to get some labels to make it all pretty. I have saved you tons of searching and created some. You can grab them from my TpT store HERE.


Once you have printed and perhaps even laminated your labels, you can attach them to the front of your drawers. I created the labels to be attached to the outside of the drawers but technically I guess you could attach them on the inside. I attached them by simply using tape.




The last step is to add all of your supplies and you’ve got a nice toolbox for your classroom that will help you stay organized. All of your teacher friends will be amazed.


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