5 BTS/First Day Tips

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As I peruse Instagram, one of my favorite hobbies, I see many teachers who are just starting their summers while others, like me, or getting ready to head back in. I am been breaking my back and getting hot glue burns on my body in preparation for the new school year.
I know that there is a crop of new teachers out there that need my expertise advice! I have 5 tips for your first day.
First things first…I’m the realest.
Just kidding. I don’t care for Iggy, but I like that verse.
Ahem, anyway.
Tip #1: Have everything ready to go
Tip #2: Have a first day script with everything you’re going to say and do.
Tip #3: Have your behavior system in place and ready to go
Tip 5: Have fun with your kiddos.
I created a YouTube video and explained these tips. You can watch it HERE on my channel. The tips above may or may not be in the same order as the video. I could go back and check, but I’m doing some lazy Saturday blogging. You know how it goes…sorry not sorry.
Oh yeah, have you gotten your teacher extraordinaire shirt yet?

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