Keeping Parents Informed

Would it surprise you that I never used a nice, formal class newsletter until last year? Yes, I’m crying on the inside. Before, I just sent a homework sheet home and left a few notes about upcoming dates at the bottom. Nothing fancy…or very informative. Yikes, y’all. But you live and you learn, right? When I transferred to my new school and district, we were required to send a newsletter each week. So I scrambled and came up with this newsletter and used it last year. While I love the design, I just figured I would create a new one for this school year.
I love that this newsletter is not as busy as the other and uses the oh-so-cute Melonheadz kids on it. I use the front of the newsletter for things going on in the classroom. I also put upcoming events happening in our school and classroom.
I use the back to inform parents about the week’s skills and homework. This is a REALLY important part of my newsletter. My homework is pretty much the same each day of the week, so I am able to print it ahead of time. If your homework differs each day, you could print a new one each day and include the homework. Whatever floats your boat.
If you’re in search of a newsletter to keep your parents informed, check out this editable class newsletter in my TpT store.

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