My $10 Target File Box Is Bae


Like it only took me 8 years to get organized. Don’t judge me. Don’t you dare judge me. Just clap in circle because I finally got it. This summer, during one of my many unnecessary but necessary trips to Target, I found this file box. I knew that I needed a way to keep my graded papers organized and this was the perfect fit.


Meet bae. We’ll call it file box bae. Why? Because I keep this little gem in my classroom and place papers in that need to be graded. No more messy teacher bag stuffed to the MAX with papers. Yes, I have done that since I started teaching.


Fridays are typically test day. So, on test day, my kids take their tests and when they hand them in they go in the hanging file folders. Each subject area corresponds with a different color (red is for Reading, blue is for Math). I carry bae home with me on Fridays, grade papers over the weekend, and then bring bae back to school. All of my papers are neat and in order for me to pass out on Tuesdays, which is they day I hand back graded papers.


And all the children clap in unison because their teacher is so organized.


Some other ways to use this could be to have a hanging file folder for each student, and let them place their papers in after they finish testing. You grade them and place them back in their folder. Then they can come and grab their papers out. This would totally work for older kiddos.

Hope this was a nice tip for you! Share in the comments below how you keep your graded papers organized.


  1. You are so smart. I like this idea so much. Thanks for sharing

  2. You had me laughing! And good idea!


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