A Student-Centered Open House

Our school recently held Open House where the parents come in and learn more about our classroom. Am I the only teacher who gets nervous to talk in front of parents? Like seriously, I talk all day to my second graders, yet talking to parents gets me all bashful. Crazy town.
So this year, I switched things up with Open House and I loved how it turned out. Last year I had a whole speech and a PowerPoint…I felt like I was running for class president. This year, I put more of the focus on my kids! Each student had these items on their desk when their parents arrived.
The items included a Welcome to Open House note from me, an I Am Special Booklet they made, a questionnaire for the parents that went along with the booklet (not pictured), a letter my kiddos wrote to their parents, a letter template for the parents, and an class information booklet.
The welcome note just walked the parents through their “tasks” for the evening. Some of my kids did end up coming, but our Open House is intended for just the parents.
The I Am Special booklets from Lavinia Pop are something that I’ve used the past two years. My kids completed them in class during the first week of school. I saved them so that their parents could read through them. Before the parents read their booklets, they had a questionnaire to see how much they knew about their child. They wrote in the answers and then read their child’s book to see how many answers they got right. I loved watching the parents as they read through the books.
My students also wrote a letter (using a template from First Grade School House) to their parents thanking them for coming to Open House and telling them what their favorite part of school was so far. Again, smiles on the parents’ faces were priceless. I love how this kiddo wrote ROLL TIDE! My dad is from Alabama so this is near to my heart…tears!
I didn’t expect for the parents’ letters to touch my heart so much but OMG! I read through some of them and I almost shed some tears y’all. The parents wrote a letter back to their child saying whatever they wanted. The next morning, I gave each child the letter their parents wrote, giving them an encouraging start to their day. The kids loved reading what their parents wrote to them! I am definitely doing this next year.
The last item was the class information booklet for my parents. It’s kind of expected that we do some kind of speech for the parents, but to avoid running for class president again, I decided to just hit the important parts in the booklet and call it a day. It’s a great reference tool for my parents when they want to know our class schedule or need to contact me. You can get this editable booklet and customize it for your classroom.
What kind of things do you do for Open House?

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  1. that's cool that in your school you have not only simple lectures and seminars but also projects like this one.
    British scientists claimed that such type of work reduce chances of students asking someone do their homework due to the fact that such projects increase self-assurance of students.


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